Level 2 NVQ in Providing Security Services

NVQ Level 2 Providing Security Services

Repton Training Limited offers this qualification to anyone that is involved in the provision of security services. The course is funded through the Skills Funding Agency.

The candidate will achieve this NVQ by completing five mandatory units and three optional units.

Mandatory Units:

  • Minimise and response to health and safety risks in your workplace
  • Communicate effectively in the work place
  • Give Customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
  • Control security incidents
  • Produce documents manually

There are no formal entry requirements but candidates must be working in the appropriate job role.

Where would assessments take place?

It would be carried out in the workplace and fits in with everyday work demands and responsibilities.

How long will it take?

As little or as long as required. As a guide, a standard NVQ Level 2 qualification will take between 3-8 months. However, this time can be less or more, depending on the individual.

How is the NVQ achieved?

NVQs are obtained through building a portfolio of evidence. Evidence can comprise of emails, delivery paperwork, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, guided discussions, statements from line managers etc and observations by the Assessor.

Who will carry out the Assessments?

The Assessor assigned will be Sector Competent. That is to say, they have extensive, proven experience in actually doing the jobs they are assessing and have not obtained their knowledge solely from a text book. The Assessor is there to assist, advise and guide the learner through all aspects of the NVQ process. The Assessor reviews the evidence presented, measures the evidence against the standards, and provides regular feedback.

We have a team of 35 assessors based around the UK to assess candidates correctly and to give them advice and guidance every step of the way. Repton Training Limited are members of the Football safety Officers Association (FSOA).

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