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content_drugs4We provide a complete package of support for companies from advice on setting up a drug & alcohol policy right through to sample collection and analysis.

Screening Options

There are a series of screening options available to you. These include:

  • Pre-employment screening, this can be incorporated into a medical or stand-alone and used to identify potential problems with employees.
  • Unannounced (Random) screening, this is used to test staff members who may work in a safety critical position. It is also good to enforce the policy a business already has implemented by being proactive and having an active testing programme.
  • For-Cause testing, this is used to test employees following an incident, accident or a suspicion.
    The most effective policies utilise a combination of all the available screening options. These are non-invasive procedures collecting samples from saliva, hair, urine and breath.

Point of Care Tests

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is a screening detection technique carried out beside or near to the individual being tested, immediately after they have provided a sample for detection. The benefits of point of care testing flow from having test results in minutes. Repton Consultancy Ltd can provide POCT products suitable.

Urine Point of Care Testing

A urine test can detect the presence of drugs for up to 4 days post drug use.
Results can be obtained in as little as three steps and within five minutes.
Appropriate facilities and trained sample collectors are required to obtain suitable urine samples.

Oral Fluid

Oral fluid testing is an alternative or supplementary test matrix alongside urine testing. Oral fluid tests detect drugs that have been taken over the last two days.
The main advantage of these tests is that no special facilities are required to carry out the test procedure. Ideal for roadside collections or if facilities are limited on a site.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Repton Consultancy Ltd use a device that measures alcohol in breath. Our instrument is UK Home Office and DfT approved and used by police forces throughout the world.
Our collection officers are equipped with breath alcohol testing devices and are able to provide test results to the highest levels of defensibility.

24 Hour On-Call Service

Repton Consultancy Ltd provide reliable fast response ‘on-call’ drug and alcohol testing services for UK companies who need to test personnel after incidents, accidents or suspision (‘For Cause’ testing). Our collectors are ready to respond to call outs within two hours.

We have Collecting Officers ready to visit customer sites (including vessels and offshore locations) available round the clock, every day of the year. We can provide collectors trained in Chain of Custody procedures for hair, oral fluid, urine and breath sampling, who understand the need to minimise the impact and disruption that testing can have on the environments to which they are called.

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